• To the Future and beyond35000

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    Since my thesis is taking longer and longer, I decided some time ago to go on a well planed “thesis vacation” for some time and to work on my other project beyond 35.200. In a team of four (Julia, Matthias, Raimund and your humble narrator) we are currently working hard on this hyperfuturistic racing game extravaganza. It’s a mix of classical arcade racing and flying, with a dash of fancy artwork and funky IDM music (courtesy of Richard). In summer we managed to secure a micro funding for this project, and we are planing to release a first teaser version of the game to the general public before the end of this year. We have a website, a super secret test pilot sign-up page (send me a message and I send you the link), a tumblr and a facebook page. Other social media outlets are likely to be added, once we find the time to do it.

  • Astronaut Training

    Finally, the day has come where I can give you a little preview of what I have been working on over the last months as part of my master’s thesis project. The project is not finished yet, and quite a bit rough around the edges, but the project’s core should be usable enough to show it to the world and to maybe even get some feedback!

  • An Overdue Update

    What started out as an ambitious project stretched into what sometimes feels more like an Odyssean journey. The initial deadline slipped, and slipped again, and now I am looking forward to finishing my master’s thesis sometime in spring next year.

  • The Reboot fo Something New

    When I embarked on my master’s thesis project I was all excited and enthusiastic and I thought: Now that I have passed my last exam i can put all my time into my master’s project, work hard and be done by the end of the summer.

  • Going into Exile

    I am only 4 weeks into my master’s thesis and project, and I am already knee deep in technical things. I spent most of my working days in the last iteration to figure out how to make proper application bundles and installers for OSX and Windows. It was a lot of trial and error, but I should be able to tick off this task in one or two working days.

  • The Beginning of Something New

    This week, I finally and officially started to work on my master’s thesis and related master’s project. For me, it marks the beginning of something new. Last week, I passed my last “real” exam for the master’s and I am now in the privileged situation to work full time on my thesis and project for roughly the next year!

  • Archive for Austrian Video Game Development

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    We just recently (i.e. 1st of March 2013) officially announced the Archive for Austria Video Game Development to the public. It is a project that has been cooking for some time now, and it is worked on by the kind people who also organise the Austria Game Jam (which was a blast this year, haven’t found the time to write about it yet, though).

  • An Interactive Fitts' Experiment

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    In this recent spring term, when I still resided in the cold yet lovely Copenhagen, I participated in the User Interface Technologies course where we toyed around with an Arduino to build a simple colorimeter, used the kinect for text input while being dressed up as a gorilla, and finally built an interactive Fitts’s experiment. Fitts and the infamous Fitts’s law he proclaimed date back to the 1950s but it is still of great relevance to today’s user interface technology research and evaluation.

  • Idiots Attack the top Noodle

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    This spring I ventured to the a folk hojskole outside of Copenhagen to participate in the Exile Game Jam. At this jam I met many nice people and in the course of the a weekend we created the game Idiots Attack the top Noodle. At the beginning all we had was a bunch of Playstation Move controllers and a consumer grade EEG brain scanner to measure the player’s brain waves.

  • What Have I Been Up To Lately?

    It’s been a while since the last update. The photos this time are a wild mix in terms of time and place from around Copenhagen. Most notably the local derby, where FC København faced off against Brøndby in a half empty Parken stadium, because the Brøndby fans stayed away from the match in protest.

  • Global Game Jam 2012

    The nature and ‘features’ of sputnik might not have been clear in the last video, so I decided to record a quick walkthrough (including me speaking, which sounds a bit silly).

  • Global Game Jam 2012

    A few weeks ago, at the end of january, the Global Game Jam 2012 happened. Living currently in Copenhagen, it was a no-brainer for me to join the Nordic Game Jam organisers, and trying to help out with the event. NGJ12 was again hosted at the ITU, which has a remarkably nice building. Workplaces and meeting rooms for students everywhere. This is the kind of university building you dream of coming from Vienna University of Technology. It seems as if they actually want to have the students around. Weird thing that is…

  • An Overdue Photo Update

    It’s been quite a while now, since I last pushed photos to the interwebs. As an effect you get 4 rolls instead of 2 this time.

  • Sputnik, a 3D/audio/visual/music project

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    …It almost feels like christmas, handing in the final report of Sputnik today. It was a lot of work over the last few months, but in the end, I feel like every hour spent (over 300, that is) was worth spending. I would also like to thank my süpervisor Esben Warming Pedersen (here, and there), whithou whom this project would not be what it is now. He was a great help during the process and always pointed me in the right direction. Great thanks also to the testers I tormented in the user study.

  • Again a few Photos

    It’s been a while that I last posted photos. I had these sitting on my desk for some time now, but hadn’t had the time to upload them complement them with a few nice words.

  • Sputnik Update 2 - User Study Teaser

    It’s about time for another update on sputnik. I have been working hard since the last update on the code as well as on the paper, which isn’t as easy as I hoped it was.

  • Sputnik Update 1*

    It’s time for a first project update on sputnik. I am now about 160+ net hours into the project and things are starting to take shape. During the last days I finished all the graphical stuff, and will now focus on making some music with it.

  • Announcing Sputnik

    Some time ago, I promised more details on my next project. Well, here it is!

  • Preparing for FROG11

    The 5th Vienna Games Conference dubbed Future and Reality of Gaming, or FROG for short will he held at Vienna’s town hall this weekend. As a sidekick to the conference we, the friendly folks who occasionally organise game jams, will hold a “game jam showcase”. But we are not just developing a prototype, we are trying to involve the conference attendees in to the process. At some points we will ask a “where to..” kind of question and let the audience decide what turns the prototype should take.

  • Stay hungy, Stay foolish

    I never thought that I would write this blog post. At least, I could not have seen me writing this blog post yesterday. But today, after the news of Steve Job’s death spread around the world, I feel a strange urge to share a few personal thoughts.

  • More Photos, yeay!

    Yet again, a few more photos from in and around København. This time with black and white imagery form the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with its marvelous architecture and beautifully lit exhibition rooms (the greek temple pictured in the teaser image can be also found there), the Copenhagen Opera House, gifted to the city in 2000 by some big-ass foundation, and then a few shots from the contemporary art museum Louisiana.

  • First Batch of Fotos Arrived

    It took some time to have the negatives developed and scanned, but here they are: The first pictures from Copenhagen. I could rant about poorly done contrast and image enhancement for hours, but I guess I better don’t.

  • The Weather in Copenhagen

    Im here for about ten days now, and I have seen quite a lot of the different local weather conditions. It all started with bright sunshine, the occasional cloud and +20 degrees celsius. Everything as you would expect it from a normal summer. Then, the weather found its british inner self and sun and rain began to take their turns every five minutes.

  • Moby live in CPH

    Today, famous bald-head and vegan Moby gave a concert at the Østre Anlæg park in the centre of Copenhagen. It was part of the Stella Polaris festival, and he played an acoustic live set with him at the acoustic guitar, a fabulous soul singer and a violinist and a cellist.

  • First Few Days in Copenhagen

    The first few days here in Copenhagen have been really nice. Even the weather was nice so far. The danish language course started thursday, and so far I can tell you: The danish pronunciation will take some time to getting used to. Here, a few examples (with some magic from google):

  • SSAO Sample

    teaser image

    This is the project I did for my bachelor’s degree. It is an implementation of current (as of 2010) state of the art Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) techniques. It is implemented as a fork of the Ogre3D rendering engine and is hosted on bitbucket (bitbucket.org/simonwallner/ogre-ssao-sample/overview).

  • Hello, Internet

    Finally, I found the time and motivation and content to put together a half decent website.

  • Atmospheric Scattering

    teaser image

    This is a small project I created for the real time visualisation lab course at the Vienna University of Technology. It is based on my ever growing KOCMOC codebase.


    teaser image

    KOCMOC (read cosmos) is a demo that I created for the real time rendering lab course at the Vienna university of technology. It is a demo as in demo scene, a cg program that runs on its own without interaction. It is like a movie, but each frame is generated in real time.

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