The first few days here in Copenhagen have been really nice. Even the weather was nice so far. The danish language course started thursday, and so far I can tell you: The danish pronunciation will take some time to getting used to. Here, a few examples (with some magic from google):

Hvad hedder du? (what’s your name?) - listen Jeg er fra østrig. (I am from austria.) - listen Jeg kan selvfølgelig tale tysk og engelsk. (I can of course speak german and english.) - listen In the real world, words slide into each other even more, which makes the some times a little indistinguishable and hard to understand.

I’ve already seen a great deal of Copenhagen, even the little Mermaid, which is a little underwhelming but the place around it is crowded with mostly asian tourists frantically taking pictures of it. I more and more come to understand why the it looses its head once in a while. (–> wikipedia)

I also took a few pictures, but I have to find a decent place to develop them first, so it may take a few more days until I can show you some. This weekend I might visit a few museums, explore the city some more, and maybe hit one or another students party somewhere.