Today, famous bald-head and vegan Moby gave a concert at the Østre Anlæg park in the centre of Copenhagen. It was part of the Stella Polaris festival, and he played an acoustic live set with him at the acoustic guitar, a fabulous soul singer and a violinist and a cellist.

He played a mixture of own old classics and a few covers (ring of fire, walk on the wild side, etc…). This festival seems pretty nice, its more like a chill out and picnic. The area where the concert is is rather small and people are sitting on the grass eating and drinking. Also they kept the volume of the sound system pretty quiet. Even for my taste a little to quiet, but it added to this relaxed summer music fest feeling.

As usual I brought my camera, but until the film is developed, I will leave you only with these shabby pictures from my phone. Just so you can better picture what I am talking about.