It’s been quite a while now, since I last pushed photos to the interwebs. As an effect you get 4 rolls instead of 2 this time.

The first two are from autumn and feature the small and quiet town of Malmö across the Øresund. At the time we were there, there was a music festival in town. We encountered it at the main train station, and I was hoping to see Stockhausen’s Kontakte. We never found out when they would play it, but instead we saw a very bizarre, artsy, whatever music something something performance. That’s the part with the blue plastic blanket in the pictures. Roll 10 takes us then on a short trip starting at the beach to Christianshavn, Holmen and then finally den sorte Diamant.

The plan for roll 11 and 12 was to snap a few pictures of the winter solstice sunrise on the beach. As you might have heard me ranting about the prevalent darkness (the local weather site accurately depicts the daily weather in the amount of moonlight you might humbly expect, proof), the sun does not rise until what feels like noon. On the plus side, this makes snapping pictures of the sunrise much easier, even for the lazy.

Long story short: December weather was quite bad, so I had to move the photo trip to early january. Conditions were good, even though Sweden was covered in clouds. And for the analogue photo curious: Against the advice of my film dealer, roll 11 was shot on a Fuji Extra 1600, which has heavy grain and is quite blurry. Roll 12 was shot with an Extra 800 which is noticeably sharper.

The Nordic and Austria Game Jam 2012 were on the end of january, but more on that later.