I never thought that I would write this blog post. At least, I could not have seen me writing this blog post yesterday. But today, after the news of Steve Job’s death spread around the world, I feel a strange urge to share a few personal thoughts.

Today’s news hit me as a surprise. At first I didn’t believe it, but then I started to think… If it was not for that company then I would not be where I am now. This might be true for anything you encounter in life and asking what if… questions might not always be helpful, but Apple probably has had a greater impact than other companies.

For a few years now I use Apple hardware as my primary computer. It started in high school and continued trough university where I am now. It is my primary tool of work, and as we know, the tools we use shape our work. And in addition to that, through my work It shaped the way I learned and what I became so far.

This is what makes me sentimental about the passing away of Jobs. The company he created and and the products it develops seem to be the least common nominator of my past and possibly future studying and professional career.

So what if… Steve Jobs and Apple never existed. Well, someone else would have probably filled the blank, and maybe we would enjoy Holodecks instead of smart phones. Who knows.