Im here for about ten days now, and I have seen quite a lot of the different local weather conditions. It all started with bright sunshine, the occasional cloud and +20 degrees celsius. Everything as you would expect it from a normal summer. Then, the weather found its british inner self and sun and rain began to take their turns every five minutes.

This must have been to much for ol’ summer and it seemed to have decided to hand over affairs to its friend autumn. And this is how it is now. Grey sky and a rain shower here and there.

Another interesting thing is how danish people react to those conditions. It seems as if their scale of weather conditions was balanced around light rain. Everything above is considered good weather everything below might be bad weather, provided that there is such thing as bad weather in Copenhagen.

To make this rant a bit more reasonable understandable I should point out that I was washed by the rain three times in the last five days. This seems like enough reason to rant about the weather even though I kind of liked the weather so far.