It’s time for a first project update on sputnik. I am now about 160+ net hours into the project and things are starting to take shape. During the last days I finished all the graphical stuff, and will now focus on making some music with it.

You can navigate through the scene with the wiimote and nunchuck and control the arc of light. You can also select objects. More use-/meaningful interaction will follow in the next weeks.

On the technical side we have: OpenGL 2.1 + extensions renderer driven by a simple component based backend, wiimote input and MIDI output. Post processing is also present with my all time favorites: wide field of view with barrel distortion, vignetting and some brute force MSAA for the smooth look.

Font rendering is done with freetype and now even features correct kerning

The project deadline in mid december is approaching quickly, which means that there might be more updates in the days and weeks to come.

*) In case you came by here earlier. Somehow the internets ate the previous blog post, so I had to write it again. Not as good as the first version, but ok.