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Since my thesis is taking longer and longer, I decided some time ago to go on a well planed “thesis vacation” for some time and to work on my other project beyond 35.200. In a team of four (Julia, Matthias, Raimund and your humble narrator) we are currently working hard on this hyperfuturistic racing game extravaganza. It’s a mix of classical arcade racing and flying, with a dash of fancy artwork and funky IDM music (courtesy of Richard). In summer we managed to secure a micro funding for this project, and we are planing to release a first teaser version of the game to the general public before the end of this year. We have a website, a super secret test pilot sign-up page (send me a message and I send you the link), a tumblr and a facebook page. Other social media outlets are likely to be added, once we find the time to do it.

Behold, the future!