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KOCMOC (read cosmos) is a demo that I created for the real time rendering lab course at the Vienna university of technology. It is a demo as in demo scene, a cg program that runs on its own without interaction. It is like a movie, but each frame is generated in real time.

It is an OpenGL 3.2 core profile renderer and reads specially prepared colada files for the meshes. A considerable amount of work went into “filmic effects” like non planar projection (i.e. barrel distortion or “fisheye”), a wide filter margin, full screen anti aliasing, vignetting and out of engine color correction with a 323 color LUT texture. The animation system is driven by a hand edited text file and uses its own time base. Frames can be exported either at a fixed or variable frame time and are then later combined to the final film.

Although platform independence was a goal from the get go, it currently only builds and runs on Windows 7, but it should be possible to port it to other platforms in an arguable amount of time.

All assets (meshes, textures, music, graphics) have been created by myself (credits to Vincent Wagner for helping me recording and editing the score), and the voice of JFKs famous speech is available under public domain. All source code that I created is licensed under the MIT license and all assets are licensed under the creative commons license. See the license file in the repository for more details.

The source code and further build instructions can be found on github.

Below you can see a video version of the final film.